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Re: New part file format document.


On 12/26/2010 11:14 PM, Chris Giorgi wrote:
> Good evening,
> I've been lurking on this thread for quite a while and feel this topic
> is one I should chime in on.
> The concept of keeping part names as filenames sounds promising on its
> face, but I can envision several potential pitfalls. First, it
> requires that the parts be stored in a filesystem to have proper
> context, and contain one part per file. This limits the ability to
> store parts in a database conveniently, makes it difficult to
> implement parts archives as flat files for interchange of libraries,
> and makes some names impossible to encode ( how do you handle a '*' in
> a part number?, what about a '/'? Resort to escape codes?). In my
> opinion, the filename should be allowed to be totally random (such as
> automatically downloaded content often is) without loss of important
> information. Filename collisions can be avoided entirely, and
> conflicting parts can be identified even if you have "partnum.part"
> and "partnum (1).part" from downloading two different libraries with
> the same name.
>    ~~~Chris Giorgi~~~

$ grep -r 'DEF ' /usr/local/share/kicad/library/*.lib | grep 'DEF .+/'

turns up nothing.

Please read the actual design document, not merely the Sweet grammar
document and some email postings if you want to be taken seriously.