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Initial Placement Idea to kick around


As I was placing a new board in PCB it occurred to me that there is a better way to do this.

What If the initial placement in PCBnew is based on the location of the components on the schematic in eeschema instead of stacked all on top of each other?

Parts close to each other in the schematic tend to be close to each other on the PCB - so this seems it would be a time saver. (Particularly on SMD work the placement tends to echo the schematic layout ).

I've used the auto-place, but not with very helpful results. I'm wondering if the auto-place might work better with this initial placement idea? Seems like it would be pretty easy to implement - just pulling the placement from eeschema - perhaps multiplying the coordinates by some constant. If nothing else it helps one pick up one part from many.

If you wanted to make it a bit more complicated, one could support multiple sheets by adding an x-y offset for each sheet.

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