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Re: [PATCH] wxWidgets 2.8 under Graphics Abstraction Layer Lib (GAL)


Hi Wayne,

> Is there a reason why you chose to include a copy of the glew source
> instead of
> using the version installed on your distro?  The reason I ask is that it
> does
> not build properly on Windows using MinGW/MSYS.  I download the latest
> glew
> source code an built as a DLL, installed it, commented out glew.c in the
> sources list, and successfully built gal_test.exe and
> test_rubberbanding.exe.
> Both programs run properly on Windows.  I also validated that it still
> builds
> on Linux.  If there is no specific reason to include the glew source with
> GAL,
> I will remove it and commit the changes.

I believe the only reason was that this version is (or was) more recent. But I also think it doesn't need to be in the distro, feel free to remove it. 

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