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Re: RC3a feedback


On 12 January 2011 23:40, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 01/12/2011 04:19 PM, Brian Sidebotham wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I've been routing a board this week, and found the Set Grid Origin a
>> god send! The only trouble is that the grid origin doesn't get saved
>> with the board.
>> Is the grid origin meant to be saved with the board file? I would have
>> thought it should be if it has been moved from 0,0. Otherwise it is
>> easy to get off-grid when you continue routing the board when you
>> re-open it.
>> Thanks for all your hard work, routing this PCB has been really smooth.
>> Best Regards,
>> Brian.
> >From my recollection, Lorenzo made a patch to save that option in the board
> file, and it never got committed.  This is at least a year ago.  I think he
> has his own tree local on his disk and it is in there.  It would be
> wonderful if you could find the original patch and get it in sync with
> current code.  Would need a way to search the mailing list, or maybe Lorenzo
> has a better idea.
> Dick

Hi Dick,

Thanks for the response. This is the original email from Lorenzo for
the original patch:

Quote Lorenzo 13/10/2009
I uploaded the file gridorigin-r2010.diff.gz

Only slightly tested (but is a really simple patch anyway).

- I added the tool under the aux axis tool, with the same icon. It
could be put under the show grid button maybe. With a new icon :P
- There may be some fuzz in the patch because I also have other in
house modifications. Please note in pcbnew/tool_pcb there are some
AddSeparator tagged to removal; I kept it to avoid invalidating the
patch (I removed separators to be able the use the 800x480 screen on
the EEE);
- I flagged the m_UserGridIsON. It seems to be unused;
- The juice of the computation is in common/zoom.cpp. That seems to be
the only place involved with grid computations;
- The origin is not saved in the .brd file. I'm not sure if it could
be useful... anyway I thing pcbnew/ioascii.cpp is the place to look
into for it.

Hope to make Dick and other people happy :P (I'm already using this :D)

There is nothing else in the archives relating to the grid origin as
far as I can see. The original patch I guess is lost along with the
kicad-devel yahoo group.

I will dig around the source and see if I can add the functionality as
I'm sure it is more expected to be saved if it has changed.

Best Regards,