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Re: RC3a feedback


On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, Brian Sidebotham wrote:

I've been routing a board this week, and found the Set Grid Origin a
god send! The only trouble is that the grid origin doesn't get saved
with the board.

I devised the grid origin mostly for placing modular connectors and
similar stuff... of course everyone use it however they please.
Just out of curiosity what are you using it for?

Is the grid origin meant to be saved with the board file? I would have
thought it should be if it has been moved from 0,0. Otherwise it is
easy to get off-grid when you continue routing the board when you
re-open it.

It should be trivial to save it in the board, we just need to allocate
an identifier for it in the save file.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl