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Re: RC3a feedback


On 01/13/2011 11:25 AM, Brian Sidebotham wrote:
> On 13 January 2011 16:29, Lorenzo Marcantonio
> <l.marcantonio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Marco Mattila wrote:
>>> If there's more than one board in a project, the board file might more
>>> suitable. It's the same thing with the plotting options that were
>>> discussed earlier. However, I think that typically people have only
>>> one board per project (?).
>> It's not possible to have more than one board per project IIRC... anyway
>> it seems a setting logically more suitable to be saved in the board file.
>> --
>> Lorenzo Marcantonio
>> Logos Srl
> Hi Guys,
> Thanks for all the feedback. I associate the origin with the board
> file because there is only one board. It might make more sense in the
> [pcbnew] section of the project file if multiple boards were supported
> in future.
> I do think it could do with being saved though, it'd be a great help
> for anyone who has re-positioned the origin.
> Lorenzo, I use this feature because I always like to position
> switches, connectors and other mechanical features relating to a
> single datum point (usually lower left of PCB edge, but sometimes the
> enclosure is included too, and the board should be made to reference
> from that.
> Previously I used to have to put my board off of the sheet legend that
> is present in PCBNEW so that it's lower left corner was the datum at
> 0, 0.
> Best Regards,
> Brian.


Apparently my memory was wrong, there was no patch to save the origin to the
board file.  In fact, I may have actually volunteered to do that and never
found time.

I am sorry for the confusion.

Someone needs to still write it, and I think anyone would welcome anyone
doing it.  I cannot do it anytime soon.