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Re: RC3a feedback


On 13 January 2011 16:29, Lorenzo Marcantonio
<l.marcantonio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Marco Mattila wrote:
>> If there's more than one board in a project, the board file might more
>> suitable. It's the same thing with the plotting options that were
>> discussed earlier. However, I think that typically people have only
>> one board per project (?).
> It's not possible to have more than one board per project IIRC... anyway
> it seems a setting logically more suitable to be saved in the board file.
> --
> Lorenzo Marcantonio
> Logos Srl

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the feedback. I associate the origin with the board
file because there is only one board. It might make more sense in the
[pcbnew] section of the project file if multiple boards were supported
in future.

I do think it could do with being saved though, it'd be a great help
for anyone who has re-positioned the origin.

Lorenzo, I use this feature because I always like to position
switches, connectors and other mechanical features relating to a
single datum point (usually lower left of PCB edge, but sometimes the
enclosure is included too, and the board should be made to reference
from that.

Previously I used to have to put my board off of the sheet legend that
is present in PCBNEW so that it's lower left corner was the datum at
0, 0.

Best Regards,


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