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Re: Cursor position improvements.


On 2/2/2011 9:04 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>>> The cross hairs are going to the found item, don't know why the cursor does
>>> too.  For me it is a convenience issue.  Why do I have to move the mouse to
>>> click on the 'next' button, if my mouse was already on the 'next" button. 
>> I don't think this is possible with the current cursor handing.  The cross
>> hairs could be drawn at the found item but as soon as the dialog is dismissed
>> and the cursor is moved, the cross hairs would jump to the cursor position and
>> the visual reference to the found item would be lost.  Highlighting may be
>> useful in this case.  This use case may require a bit more thought.
>> Wayne
> "I don't think this is possible with the current cursor handing."
> This sentence confuses me, since we are talking about *changing* the cursor handling.  Did you mean "desirable" instead of "possible"?  

Desirable would have been a better term here.  I am hoping to do away with the
drawn cross hairs and use the stock cross hairs cursor which will make this
behavior impossible.

> What if on the last find of several, that when dismissing the dialog, after
> what in my case always seems to be about 3 or more searches, the mouse
> cursor only THEN jumps TO the cross hair position?

This is possible and practical in both the current design and what I am
proposing.  I'll add an option in the dialog to disable warping the mouse to
the found item and when the warping is disabled warp to the last item found (if
any) when the dialog is closed.  This should cover both uses cases.  I'm not
sure when I will be able to get to it as I am currently working on some cursor
coordinate changes.  When I commit the changes I'm working on, I will take a
look at it.

> If you cannot do this, I still prefer the cursor staying on the dialog, even
> if it means that the cross hairs jump to the cursor at the dialog
> dismissal.  Hard to believe, but I am annoyed that much by the moving
> cursor.  I can always move the cross hairs back to the item, now that I know
> where it is.

If the wxWidgets documentation is correct, the OSX folks never see any of this
behavior.  OSX forbids programmatically moving the cursor.  I think Kicad warps
the cursor a little too often but there are a some places where it is useful.


> Thanks,
> Dick
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