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Re: [PATCH] Saving plot dialog settings


For me the dialog is very very good, and works as expected. Still the issue remains that the dialog can't be closed with the window button and the cancel button. I hacked a class function DIALOG_PLOT_BASE::OnQuit with EndModal(0); and it worked. Maybe the virtual functions need be implemented?

I saw also the eeschema postscript dialog is derived from the wxFormBuilder base class and there are the virtual functions implemented and have not problem with this.

Sorry, but I'm not to got yet with C++ so don't blame my bad thinking.


On 2/2/11 8:26 AM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
Le 02/02/2011 00:15, Marco Mattila a écrit :
Now there should be a little something for everyone in the latest
revision. It was possible to make the plot dialog a little smaller by
getting rid of the radio buttons and moving the output directory field
(although I'm not sure it's in the right place now...). I also agree
that the dialog is a bit too square. It's hard to make the height
smaller. And it doesn't make sense to make the window wider than
necessary. I can later take a look at how using wxCheckListBox affects
the layout. Wayne, you did mean that width>height, right?

Jerry asked about saving the outputdirectory in the board file. That's
the way it has been for a few revisions already.


Plot dialog looks good!
Is the dialog is a bit too square ?
Remember it size depend on platform:
You cannot have *exactly* the right size, because the actual size of a
dialog depend on system settings and the system itself
(Language, font size, how widgets are drawn by the window manager...)

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