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Re: Cursor position improvements.


>>>> On a related note, I have been thinking that the cursor usage during a
>>>> EESCHEMA *find* is less than optimal.  This is related to searching multiple
>>>> times using the same string, I have to keep moving the mouse in order to
>>>> click the next button.
>>> Dick
>>> This should be an easier problem to fix but more difficult one to come
>>> to a consensus on.  The current behavior is to warp the cursor to the
>>> item found.  I could add an option to the find dialog to enable/disable
>>> warping the pointer.  Anyone else have a preference or any ideas on
>>> this?  If adding the option to the find dialog is acceptable, I'll add
>>> it to my list.
>>> Wayne

Probably need a compile time option then.  This search functionality is not
really tolerable anymore for me.

There is no reason to move the mouse pointer AND the cross hairs both.  Do I
have to switch to a MAC, where this supposedly not possible to do?

I'll add this to my todo list.


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