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Re: KiCad new look - new icons and new buttons


On 08/23/2011 12:50 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 8/23/2011 12:12 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> On 08/23/2011 10:10 AM, fabrizio wrote:
>>> At section ".png and .xpm comparison" of this page:
>>> http://www.vincentresearch.com/tmp/
>>> you find a (simple) visual comparison between .xpm and .png.
>>> Regards
>>> Fabrizio
>> Basically, is this visual comparison not a comparison of the two different sizes?
>> The PNG is not noticeably different at the same size, is it?
>> What I like about the automated design I came up with is that I don't believe it
>> is size specific.  Meaning you could probably tweak the driver script and come
>> up with different sized bitmaps, in a few seconds.
>> Fabrizio, if we go this way, you will need to be careful not to change the base
>> filenames of any of the bitmaps.  The spelling and case if each character will
>> need to stay exactly the same as what they used to be in the code.
>> Thanks, let's way for Jean-Pierre, Wayne, and others to comment now.
> I think it's a great idea.  The PNGs give us alpha blending which I believe the
> XPM format doesn't support.  Although I don't know how important alpha blending
> is in toolbar images.
> FYI, wxImage::AddHandler( new wxPNGHandler ) is already called in
> WinEDA_App::InitEDA_Appl() so it should not necessary to call it in the
> proposed MakeBitmap function.

MakeBitmap is called from a static constructor in this design, so it is necessary.

These *static constructors* run even before main() does.