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Re: KiCad new look - new icons and new buttons


On 08/23/2011 12:25 PM, fabrizio wrote:
> Dick,
> thanks, I am glad you like it. Well I feel you guys know best what to
> do with the image format issue.
> Beside a colour limitation I guess the the two formats (.png and .xpm)
> are very similar. for the whole eeschema topbar (at 26px) the .xpm
> file is 69k and the .png is 50k. Even considering that there are about
> 400 buttons in KiCad, the difference in size between the two format is
> not much, I guess.
>  I will work so that I can provide a bunch of .svg images with the
> same name (even though they are a little inconsistent) as the current
> .xpm files (in the folder bitmap). I will provide some info on how the
> button hovering effect could be done well. I would be super happy if
> somebody can cover the coding.
> Anyway, I still have lots of icons to translate and it would be maybe
> good to have the original .svn files used to generate the current 16pt
> buttons. Anybody knows where they come from?
> Regards
> Fabrizio

Jean-Pierre will know.

We will need an *.svg file for every wxBitmap that currently is coming from the
/bitmap directory.  There are a few XPMs that don't come from there, and they
can stay XPMs.

The filename spelling issue allows me to muscle through some macro-ized renaming
scheme when I go to take on the coding.

You could just send me the *.svg files in a zip file sometime after we get
approval from Jean-Pierre.   I would then check them into the tree, after which
you could continue to tune them, obviously, in the tree.

Until he says OK to this plan, we wait.

Thanks Fabrizio

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