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Re: Add menu item functions.


>> Thanks, would have done it myself someday, given enough time.
>> I have often questioned their home, meaning the macros.h file.
>> I was trying to use as little of wxWidgets in the SWEET stuff as possible.  But
>> for some reason was forced into including macros.h.  Now it pulls in the
>> universe.  I think only true, GUI library independent macros might go in there. 
>> I'm not sure SWEET even builds anymore.
>> But if you can find a more wx related file for these, that might be good too. 
>> Not sure macros.h needs to be so wxWidgets centric.
> How about moving the UI specific code to wxstruct.h and leave the wxString
> specific code (which is probably all you need for the SWEET stuff) in macros.h?
>  It may be beneficial for the SWEET code to move the wxString conversion code
> to a new header file to prevent pulling in the boost typeof stuff as well
> unless you are using the EXCHG() macro.
> Wayne

On its surface, it sounds brilliant.