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Re: Kicad future documentation - first draft


Dnia 2011-09-27, wto o godzinie 10:30 +0200, fabrizio pisze: 

> # What aspect of the KiCad icon don't you like? What icon would you
> have in mind? Kicad icon is currently the dominant icon because it is
> not the icon of an application per se but the icon of the whole suite,
> therefore I though of giving it a general non-application look.  
> (...)
> Are we talking about the KiCad icon or the icon in the manual cover?
I see, you are a big fan of LibreOffice. I mean your icon on
documentaton cover page in kicad.pdf. This graphics are very well
inspired of LibreOffice logo. But. What is good for word processing
software, ins't sometimes good for an EDA software suite.

> Send me an .svg of what you might like.
I'm not a graphic designer. :(

> # What kind of icon would you like for CvPCB? Please, if you can, send
> examples. Lots of improvement can be done with this icon.
Just remove this blue background.

> # What do you mean by "what the Canonical says"?
Did You remember the older logos of Ubuntu or Kubuntu? Font, reflection
under text... Just compare. See where will be the problem?

> # What do you mean by "Your layout is too "polite""? If you have a
> look at the style available in this template you can see that there
> are styles for all possible element of a manual. This template is the
> template of the official libreOffice documentation and It was designed
> by several people who I think know stuff. I'm not sure I can do better
> than them but If you think you can please send it to me and we can ask
> around for opinions.
My Kicad examples/proposal you can find in doc repository for a few
weeks. Nobody said no, so I cotinue my work to create a polish one.
Offical colour of LibreOffice is green. Why green should be good for
KiCad too? Why LibreOffice templates should be good? 

Kerusey Karyu

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