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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.



None of your features went to the core of pcbnew.

Unfortunately the legacy cannot be removed without brain surgery.
One could start by each time you change a function converting it to
accessors, but this does not happen, it is not done by those with
commit access, and the legacy is perpetuated.

I'm sorry, I cannot bring myself to submit 10,000 patches, each
changing to an accessor in one location.  I would rather use the
compiler to find them (make members private) and submit one patch
making 10,000 changes.

Try that and see who would like the legacy to stay.


On Tue, 22 Nov 2011, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 06:05:33AM -0700, Brian F. G. Bidulock wrote:
> > Looking at the code, the first thing that I did was change all
> > members to private and used the compiler to force the use of
> > proper accessor member functions throughout.  This is necessary
> > to do the least little thing with pcbnew.  But it appears that
> > the current "masters" do not like to program in C++: they make
> > all members public and access them directly from everywhere.
> That's false, it's only the kicad legacy... it's not the first time
> public variables are exchanged with accessors; and, anyway, the whole
> 'accessor' thing is debated in some circles: CLOS is a way better object
> model and has *no* access control to members or slots. I agree that in
> C++ is customary to use accessors, anyway.
> > When you try to correct it, they complain that it might break
> When this? Never heard something along the lines of 'keep these stuff
> public'; I'm also against globals BTW and there was consensus about
> their progressive removal.
> > Then they make "coding standards" that specify which whitespace
> > to put around their bad code.
> Well, their paren standard is funny actually :D never seen done that
> way. But as a lisper I really don't see the parens:P
> > These things, coupled with an accute resistance to any change
> > that isn't a bug fix, makes it impossible for any experienced
> > C++ programmer to contribute more than one liners to this
> > project.  I experienced pretty much the same response as you
> > did (but I didn't push as hard or even get commit access).
> Sorry? I contributed about some 3-4 new features and I didn't see any
> resistance... well, parens spacing excluded:P:P
> > Others have gone their own way in the past.  It is a pity
> I have a whole different font machinery in my private branch. I don't
> ask for committing it because a) ISO font spacing is way different and
> breaks the lib, b) I only have Latin-1 and Tech-1 repertoire and c)
> I need to clean up some font license issues. That said I regularly merge
> and push it as a branch, there's no need to call it a fork. When (if)
> the above problem are solved I'll simply do a patchball and submit it
> for review.
> > Here is a short list of things that cannot be done without
> > tearing out all the bad code in pcbnew:
> Tearing bad code is a thing, adding overengineered bloat (the int class,
> for example) is another one. Yes, I'm not a fan of OOP :D
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