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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


On 11/22/2011 02:45 AM, Vladimir Uryvaev wrote:
> Dick,
> it seems I and you just waste a time writing long emails, so I'll feel better 
> at least one of these happen:
> have constructive critic or propose a better soultion if my is not suitable,
> team leaders make a decision on this situation,
> or we say goodbye to each other.

I am glad that you want to have the discussion, but as I said, probably you should be
having it with Jean-Pierre, if he so chooses.

> At Monday 21 of November 2011 22:18:09 from Dick Hollenbeck:
>> There is no doubt that the "increased resolution" feature is going to be
>> added.  I was within 2 weeks of adding this myself, just before you
>> started.
>> Everyone agrees it is important, so it will get done.  Relax.
>> I have offered to do this work this week, a special holiday week, one in
>> which I have more time than usual.
> Do you have a blueprint? Did you at least noticed the team through mailing 
> list on your intention?

These are good questions. 

a) I have shared some of my recent thoughts about it here:


b) No I did not, but since I had not begun the work, I don't see where this is a problem.
I do most of my contributions to KiCad code during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

> What's the double standards?

I don't see a conflict, sorry.   Again, relax.  You are improving.  We don't need to
attack each other.

Please understand that when I said (paraphrasing),

"I have volunteered to code this, and had planned on doing it in a week or two from now
(because I thought it was important).  I am waiting for Jean-Pierre to decide if he wants
me to."

This is a statement of respect.  It says in reality:

a) that I think Jean-Pierre should make the decision, and

b) that I think he can do it probably faster than I can, and of course I trust him to do it.

If he decides that I should do it, then of course I will be happy to talk more with you,
out of respect for you.  Or, maybe we can do it together.  My preference is that he do it,
so I can work on the Sweet stuff.