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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


At Wednesday 23 of November 2011 20:11:38 from Dick Hollenbeck:
> > For now, I will begin to look over the internal units issues and then
> > compare ideas with Vladimir when he is available again.
> > 
> > Dick
> Vladimir,
> I spent a couple of hours last night looking at Boost::polygon (BP) to see
> how they solved similar problems to our internal units change.  I learned
> a lot.  BP supports any integer type, including *integer* typedefs that we
> create, but does not support floating point user data.

boost::polygon writers could be wise if they're doing all if fixed point.

btw, I'm currently looking toward adoption of CGAL or so, as with all pros, 
boost have seruois cons:
- It is much overloaded with temlpates so it compiles slow and hard to debug.
- It is do not support arcs (CGAL does)

> So we can go to 64 bit integers, or should I say, "evolve through" 64
> integers as part of our migration path.  Eventually I think we can get
> back to 32 bit integers.   There may be a quick reward to travel through
> 64 bit integers temporarily.

We can. Possibly it could also solve problems with overflows.

> I will be asking you some questions later today.  I am out for a couple of
> hours today, then tomorrow, Thursday, I should be working on this issue
> full time.
> Jean-Pierre forwarded me your reply to his personal email.  In it you said
> that you were agreeable to a roll back of the testing repository while we
> plan our steps forward.  I believe this is good news for me, and I want to
> work with you cooperatively.

The main reason of rollback is coming release. Currently I have 'half-roll-
back' in my local branch, I working on.

> I hope we can find a way to do that.  I will propose a plan in a text file,
> after I first ask you a list of questions in my next email.

Beware the overplanning. :) I think the most essential could be implemented 
very soon.


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