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Confusing tool icons in eeschema


OK, I'm using  eeschema for years yet I *still* pick the wrong tool, so
there's something wrong from an intuitive point of view :D

I'm talking about the 'place label' family of tools; what's wrong with
them? the icon is misleading since it represents *another* kind of

>From top to bottom we have:

- Place local label: OK, text over wire

- Place global label: WRONG, it looks like a hier label (mostly since
  text is over port, not beside); a global label has the text *inside*
  the port (at least in eeschema!)

- Place junction is somewhat misplaced, it should go near the wire tool
  or the no connect;

- Place hier label: WRONG since it look like the place pin in sheet;
  a more suitable icon would be the current one for global label (or
  better yet, with the text beside the port)

- Create sheet: OK, fine

- Place pin in sheet: it's drawn as a component pin, a better icon would
  be the current for place hier label

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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