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Re: Kicad and page orientation.


> Added "portrait" support to the page size settings for all standard
> sizes. Tested with postscript output only. Required minor file format
> to reflect the "portrait" setting.
> uses a checkbox but its name is "Landscape", which is inverted from
> but since it is the more common choice, I used that rather than
> The tooltip for that checkbox makes it clear. No portrait mode is
> for "User" paper size.

Very good. I have no possibility to build new testing release right now.
I'll do it
later as soon as possible (it's really interesting to me).

> Don't know if GOST diffs are needed anymore in
common/class_page_info.cpp, although for
> some reason A4 page size is thought to be different between the two
compilation paths:
> #if defined(KICAD_GOST)
> const PAGE_INFO PAGE_INFO::pageA4( wxSize( 8283, 11700 ), wxT( "A4" )
> #else
> const PAGE_INFO PAGE_INFO::pageA4( wxSize( 11700, 8267 ), wxT( "A4" )
> #endif
> Will the real paper size please stand up?
> This is significant, because we would like GOST to be a runtime
choice, not a compile time
> choice if possible. That way we do not have to compile so many times
for verifying
> build-ability before each commit.

I have to check it. GOST has special remarks concerning A4 and A5 page
sizes. A4 must allways
be portrait and A5 allways landscape. But A5 is not implemented in Kicad
and has limited use in
GOST. However, A5 is very good choice for DIY hobbyists like me :).
Fortunately, there is an user size.

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