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Re: [PATCH] Floating tracks loose netcode fix


Hello all,

  As I'm new on the list  I followed back the thread from the mail list

  From my point of view (an Alt**m user [still not former-user for
everything...]) the patch would make sense (I didn't check the coding/etc).
 But this is the way I work many times, adding vias from plane to plane to
improve thermal or the connection between ground planes

    Sometimes, I even layout some via array configuration, and just copy
paste to duplicate/extend.

    The floating tracks seems to be something more obscure. May be mr Janis
does it because you couldn't put a via without routing a track?, or just
because it's easier to do?.

    I suppose that the reasons for not adding the patch are: increasing
complexity in the code, mantainability....

    The reasons to add it: making users life easier. If this happened to
Janis will happen to other people, and it's a nasty behaviour because it's
totally unexpected.

2012/2/17 Brian F. G. Bidulock <bidulock@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Janis,
> Opinions?  Just add a module with a single pad that is very
> small, add a netname to the pad with the module editor.  Start
> your track there.  Otherwise, BY DEFINITION, floating tracks
> have no net.
> --brian
> On Thu, 16 Feb 2012, Janis Skujenieks wrote:
> >    I will bring this up once more.
> >
> >    Are there any more opinions on this?
> >
> >    This is weird that nobody else feels this very inconvenient. How the
> >    rest of you place stand alone via. I need this quite often. On the
> >    other hand if this kind of feature is not supported, pcbnew shouldn't
> >    allow to start track on copper filled areas. Actually this is exactly
> >    how I do it now. When rest is routed, I fill zones with copper and
> then
> >    place vias, starting track anywhere on filled zone.
> >    On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 10:47 PM, Dick Hollenbeck <[1]dick@xxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >    wrote:
> >
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