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Re: Library License


On 03/22/2012 10:06 AM, Fabrizio Tappero wrote:
> Hello,
> if we look at what the GEDA guys do/did, I seem to understand that
> they licensed everything (software and libraries) under GNU GPL:
> https://github.com/bert/gschem-symbols
> Word-processor templates for open-source word processors are
> open-source tools like LibreOffice could be distributed under GPL
> without your final word-processor document having to be open source.
> Library components for an EDA software tool can represent (and often
> are) a great value and lots of work is often behind it. Such value
> makes it is worth protecting the libs with a proper license.
> I think we should continue this discussion without getting too excited.

I agree.
> cheers
> fabrizio

Let me simply point out that:

1) in 5 years, even with its own repo, its own mailing list, and its own team, I am not
aware of any significant impact on the KiCad libraries from contributors.

2) 9 times out of 10, when I have to use a symbol, I have to make my own.

Anything is better than this, including:

a) deleting the KiCad library altogether from our project, thusly forming a need that can
be fulfilled by a business or team according to its own charter, maybe a subscription
service.  I spend half my time in KiCad developing parts and footprint, at least.  This is
money.  Because when I am not doing it, I'm paying somebody else to do it.

b) farting in the wind.

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