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Re: wxDialogs and tabbing order


>> But who has the time?  HELP!
> I'm busy on the Pcbnew s-expression stuff but I'll try to take a quick
> look it in the next day or so.  If it's simple fix, I go ahead an get it
> done before the first s-expression commit.
> Wayne

Sometimes I make these pleas for help to get *others* to step up and help.

It always seems to be Jean-Pierre and Wayne who step up.  Yet when somebody has a bug
report or something, we are supposed to help them, even if the bug does not affect us

Let me point out that this is just starting to feel really really unfair.  Its always been
unfair, just that I am getting ornery about it now.  Communism was a bad idea and remains so.

Jean-Pierre, thank you AGAIN!  You are da man!


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