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Re: Introduction and component/footprint integration


On 05/12/2012 07:17 PM, Henner Zeller wrote:
> Of course, there are things to improve, and this is where I'd like to
> contribute. My main pain point right now is the integration of
> components and their packages (e.g. when moving to a board, manually
> choose footprints with no clear default association) I'll have to play
> around a bit with it though to come up with concrete ideas. In general
> a more 'smooth' integration between the different tools would probably
> be nice.

Schematic parts have a footprint field which lets a person pre-associate footprints and do
so within a library.

This is especially easy in the new Eeschema design because you can use parts_lists as

I don't see where anything is lacking in this area in the new design.