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Re: Future of 3D models in KiCAD


> >This is an important feature, I've been playing recently with .step in FreeCAD, and the .step support worked quite well. It also seems to be the standard for 3D exchange for mechanical CAD.
> > 
> Yes, STEP AP203 (and more recently AP214) and the much older IGES are perhaps the most widely supported formats for exchanging 3D shapes.

AMF, Collada and STL might also be a good options but STEP is a
preferred/acceptable format for 3D models of components.

However you may also want to look at IDF for the actual board.
IDF can be used to support things like assignment of keep-out zones for
connectors and back-annotation for routing the board.

Bill Morris <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I Heart Engineering

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