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Re: Win32 compilation for kicad scripting


> Hahaha, good point Dick, anyway, somehow, in Win32 is a common
> practice to include the python interpreter in many softwares that
> depend on python, at least the DLL (see point b)
> Anyway, my preferences are:
> a) Ask the users to install Python 2.7.x, and set it on system PATH as
> a prerequisite, if it's not satisfied during installation just give a
> link to: [http://www.python.org/getit/], it's just 15MB   [apt-get
> does that automatically in Linux]
> b) Bundle the whole Python exe + Python.dll + python basic set of
> system libraries,
> c) Bundle only the Python.dll + python basic set of system libraries,
> d) Statically link Python in kicad + provide the basic set of python
> system libraries [a good way of wasting system memory]
> --jokes--
> e) forcing the users install Linux would save a lot of time, yes, but,
> poor Win32 and Mac users ;)
> f) Installing Linux itself [KicadOS!!!, hahaha]
> I think that a is better than b,c (even though it needs more user
> interaction) because the user will have all the system-wide available
> python modules and libraries, and also kicad functionality will stay
> available to any other python scripts on the Win32 systems.
> Anyway, we might take a look to what other Win32 softwares are doing
> regarding this, and think.

Good idea.

Blender might be one to look at (but a couple other data points are encouraged also). 
Blender is heavily dependent on python, and has extremely tight scripting integration. 
Does it run on Windows?  If so, something could be learned about what are they doing for
the poor Windows users. 

There is much to be learned from their scripting integration also, I would think.  (If not
even graphics.)

(FYI, Microsoft actually lost money this quarter for the first time in their history.  And
I'm down to having spent only 20 minutes running Windows in the last two years.  Average
of 10 minutes per year.  These are two trends that will possibly continue.)


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