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Re: Realistic 3D Rendering


On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 09:28:58AM +0200, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo wrote:
> Why make things complicated when you could see it one-click away? (well, it
> makes sense on my al*um package where the 3d render helps a lot), I think
> gerber xoring is easier than brd->eup->sketchup->render :-D

Well, you see them in the 3d render, but an xor really poke you in the eye:D

> I mean about easy finding things like this, this is 0603, and It's not
> silkless, silkless would make the pcb very hard to repair. I agree that, if
> you go HDI, then you will end silkless :-)

We already do 0603 silkless since it's cheaper XD as for repair since I usually personally do it when needed, you usually exchange a few chip at a time so no big issue...

And anyway IMHO you can better see it from gerbers... for example you don't have components shadowing the board.

> That's changing a lot, most manufacturers start to provide STEP + IGES,
> Würth does, (I do, and I'm tiny-nothing!),  farnell is plagued with 3D
> models now :-)

There are also companies specialized in that, too! For MCAD integration I agree is a good thing (if you have the money for solidworks or similar stuff, of course:P)

> I'm my workflow it's usually a mix of both, and for no-professional-usage I
> suppose people will want to fit board to enclosure.

Even in professional usage often you want to reuse a box... I did a board remake (from tht to smd) which was *very* connector constrained (16mm2 terminal blocks are not exactly easy to squeeze) and also moulds are not free... did you notice that fluke instruments all seems to have the same case? that's the magic of mould inserts...

> Some datasheets are awful :-), they make me think that either the drawer
> was totally unexperienced or I'm dumb reading them.

Usually the drafter is chinese XD sunon radial fans for example have *no dimensioning* for fixin holes (only the outer shell is more or less dimensioned)

> Well, for static yes, but in sketchup you can move everything around :-),
> not only static render it (which is eye candy) :)  , even sometimes is
> dangerous, if you get a extra-beautiful render (using keyshot for example),
> and the final result is not that pretty... :)

Tought so :D we need a texture with flux blotches and soldering faults:P:P

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl