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Re: Patches, MSVC and bitmap underlays


On 21 September 2012 16:22, Craig Southeren <craigs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> To all,


> 4) I am working on additions to pcbnew that allow the use of one or two
> bitmap underlays for
> assisting in layout. I'm using this to bring some old vintage computer
> designs back to life, but they
> could be just as useful when trying to fit a PCB into a complex mechanical
> layout. I guess these
> are similar to Clive Nicolson's "reversepcb" code but my patches fully
> integrate the functionality
> into layers 29 and 30. If you don't turn on these layers in the layer
> management dialog, then
> the functionality is completely turned off.
> Is this of interest to anyone?
>    Craig

Hi Craig,

Is this not something that bitmap2component can achieve for you? You
can create a footprint from a bitmap and place it down. Generally used
for logos, but you should be able to scale accurately from a bitmap
fairly easily I would have thought?

Best Regards,


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