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Re: Patches, MSVC and bitmap underlays


On 22/09/2012 3:43 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 07:19:18PM +0200, jean-pierre charras wrote:
a background bitmap is more like the grid that can be shown or not, but cannot be plotted, and is not a layer.
Layers 29, 30 and 31, not yet used in Pcbnew, should be left for something related to the board.
A background bitmap is not a board item.
I'd propose for a 'special' kind of entities, not a layer... I agree
that should be something under the 'view controls'. Also it would need
some controls for registering it, more or less like the grid.

To be clear, it should go in the 'render' tab, not in the 'layers'

I'm glad you mentioned this.

I was using Clive Nicolsons code as a template, and he also used the "layer 29/30" approach.
Now it is done, I don't really like it.

I can add the enable for the bitmap(s) to the render tab, but I need somewhere to add the user interface for selecting the bitmap files and setting their resolution, offset and opacity.

I'd greatly appreciate ideas from the KiCad gurus on the best place to put these UI elements.
Perhaps a new menu entry under Tools ?