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Re: Patches, MSVC and bitmap underlays


On 22/09/2012 5:50 AM, Brian Sidebotham wrote:

On 21
Hi Craig,

Is this not something that bitmap2component can achieve for you? You
can create a footprint from a bitmap and place it down. Generally used
for logos, but you should be able to scale accurately from a bitmap
fairly easily I would have thought?

I did look at the bitmap2component tool but it is not suitable for use as a
guiding template when laying out a PCB.

It has a fixed resolution of 150 DPI, which is at the very low end of what is needed.
For use as a template, 300DPI is far better.

It is only two colours, which is not suitable when doing board tracing.

It creates a new board element which is not required.



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