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Re: Fwd: Re: KiCad suggestion


08.10.2012 14:03, Craig Southeren kirjoitti:

Sorry - I've been busy and I had to redo the user interface as per some
suggestions from the Kicad developers.

As long I'm not the one doing the work I'm not demanding anything either. Thank you for your work and take your time. The only reason for making some noise on the list is to avoid duplicate feature work.

At the moment, there is the ability to specify the X and Y offset of the
image relative to the pcb origin, and the DPI (actually, pixels per inch).
This assumes the bitmap has already been ortho-rectified, which I feel
is reasonable.

When the image is first selected, the user is presented with a display
of the bitmap under a scaled graticule that allows them to accurately
calibrate the DPI
against known marks on the bitmap. For example, you can adjust the DPI
so that the 0.1" pins on ICs are exactly the correct distance apart.

This is great already. Calibrating the DPI in both directions was just a suggestion to avoid measuring and scaling stuff twice. The feature is very usable and appreciated even if it doesn't have all the suggestions included.