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Re: S-expression footprint library format.


>Not that I am planning.  The directory and it's footprint files are the library.

So what Lorenzo said was wrong? What is this library table then?

>Once the library table is implemented, as long as there is Pcbnew plugin that supports reading and writing footprint libraries you will be able to convert to and from any format.  In your case, conversion from the legacy (current) format to the s-expression (new) format will not be a problem.

Sure, but what I had implemented for now was a simple line-reader of
the existing format. This too took quite a lot of time figuring out
what the format is as it was not properly documented. I just wanted to
stress how important it would be for me to have it all clearly
documented. In my case at least, documentation would be more help than
actual working code :D

I guess I will have to go ahead and look at the files themselves and
start documenting.  Is there a specific place in the code that you can
point me to that might help me with this? I think I tried looking for
it before but was hindered by the fact that I don't know a lot of the
names and naming conventions yet.

As an aside, I had tried using Python scripting (my site is written in
Python too) to aide me in parsing the libraries but at the time it
actually seemed simpler to write a line-reader myself as the Python
objects didn't seem to contain all the info I needed yet.

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