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Re: New VRML component models


31.10.2012 05:13, Cirilo Bernardo kirjoitti:
Hi Folks,

I started a new project on SourceForge to create software for the parametric generation of VRML models.

Neat! Especially the FreeCAD path you mentioned as many manufacturers publish their 3D-models already. Just in some inconvenient format for us.

Any requests for other models will be welcome. Any comments to improve things will also be welcome.

Did you know Øyvind Aabling's work [1] on 3D and footprints? The idea is somewhat similar and worth a look.

I'd suggest subscribing to to kicad-lib-committers [2] list which is even more suited for library related discussion. There is some discussion about overall library facelift and even an open database component library for everyone to use (not just KiCad). Work has been interfering, so my input has been quite minimal lately.

Best regards,

[1] https://code.launchpad.net/~oyvind-aabling/kicad-newlib/mod
[2] kicad-lib-committers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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