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Re: New VRML component models


> From: Frank bennett <fbennett78@xxxxxxxxx>
>To: Cirilo Bernardo <cirilo_bernardo@xxxxxxxxx> 
>Cc: Kicad Developers <kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
>Sent: Thursday, November 1, 2012 1:31 AM
>Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] New VRML component models
>On 10/30/2012 09:13 PM, Cirilo Bernardo wrote:
>Hi Folks,    I started a new project on SourceForge to create software for the parametric generation of VRML models. A few models are currently available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/kicad3dmodels/files/models_v0.2/ The models so far are: dip:  0.3" DIPn models for 6..28 pins   The source code was really just a proof-of-concept thing but can be cleaned up and scripted if anyone feels the urge to generate more types of DIP packages. res: Thru-hole resistors in metal film (1% series E96+E24, 2% series E48, 0.5W) and carbon composite (5% series E24, 0.25W) with 0.4" lead spacing and horizontal orientation.  The source was originally intended as a test of one of my tools for building components; there are stubs for creating vertical resistors but I haven't filled out the code - I can do that if there is any interest. There are an insane 2100+ models there. conn: Thru-hole connectors; at the moment only 4UCon SIL headers from Drawing 19950,
 3-40 pins. Any requests for other models will be welcome. Any comments to improve things will also be welcome.
>  Thanks for generating that model set. 
>Is there a VRML viewer you could recommend?
>Ubuntu package mgr search mentions whitedune or Octave??
>Have you checked in code yet for your software? Status?
>Does FreeCAD know vrml?
>I want to check if one of our local MEs might be
>interested in getting involved in between working jigs.
>EE, Firmware dude

Hi Frank,

 For Windows there is Cortona3D.  For Linux I've used 'whitedune' and 'lookat'; lookat is based on OpenVRML.  There is FreeWRL but I've had nothing but bad experiences with it.

 I wouldn't recommend using VRML for FreeCAD even if it could import from that format. VRML is really only to describe appearances and I'd rather use a native solid model.  FreeCAD does use the Coin3D library so I guess it must at least be able to export to VRML. I'll try it out some time and get back.

 Source has been checked in and will build but there are some hard-coded paths in the source; I need to tweak my CMake files and fix up and commit some scripts so that there's a smooth and easy workflow.

- Cirilo

>I need to clean up the source code, fiddle with the build system, and fiddle with scripts before I release actual source code tarballs.  The source can also be pulled from git but will probably be broken until I finish cleaning things up. My real plan is to do this sort of thing with Free-CAD and ultimately generate STEP files to aid in the mechanical integration.  For now I decided to make notes on parameterizing various components and to play with VRML while I'm waiting for a few essential features to be finished on Free-CAD. - Cirilo _______________________________________________
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