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Re: -std=c++0x break build on MinGW and wxWidgets 2.9.4


On 11/15/2012 11:50 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

I know it's probably of no use, but I'm seeing the same error too, with 4.7.0 MinGW.

Best Regards, Brian.

It might hurt less after commit 3803.

Backed out the compiler command line option, reverted to auto_ptr from unique_ptr, and
kept the boost hashtables.

The latest version of Boost (1.52) has compile fixes (although they are non-specific) for the polygon library in the change log. Maybe we need to update Boost in KiCad (1.49) to the latest version and give it a try to see if we can have both the Boost polygon library and std::unique_ptr. It doesn't seem that unreasonable to expect to be able to use both in a modern build environment.

Works here on my non-bleeding edge gcc ver 4.4.

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