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Re: New here !




I'm not so good at C++, I've never write code in C++, only C.
But I think I can do what I need, but, I think big features is very
important, but kicad is already powerfuul, I think its just need a good
comunication, public image. I think a beautiful and simple website is
important, I know KiCad leader is french but I've don't see any french
kicad book… 

I think I can be more "gainful" other than writting line
of code… 


Le 2012-12-17 19:48, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo a écrit :

> Hi Léo, 
> We recently moved to a Confluence instance for the
main site at http://www.kicad-pcb.org [4]. It works quite well, 
> may
be what it needs now it's more content. I think main developers are
happy with bzr and launchpad as it works. (I prefer 
> other solutions
also, but bzr works reasonably well, and right now it lets developers
put all their effort in the KiCad software 
> itself.) 
> How good
are you at C++ ? , may be you could try contributing to the software
itself. Find a feature you'd like to see on KiCad, 
> ask as you need,
start a branch, follow the guidelines, and then ask for merge on testing
> We're also plenty of ideas and a couple of bugs in the bug
> I started with a little one, and I liked it, code quality
in KiCad is getting better and better on every commit. 
> Greetings,

> Mike. 
> Miguel Angel Ajo 
> http://www.nbee.es [5] 
> skype: ajoajoajo 
> On 17/12/2012, at 18:45,
OpenSourceWay <opensourceway@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
>> Hello ! 
I'm new here, and I'll introduce myself. I'm french, and I've created a
lot of free projects like OpenSourceSoft - http://opensourcesoft.fr.nf
[1] - and other, mainly listed in my personal website. 
>> As 2013
will be a new year, I'll try to stop creating open source project alone
but I want to participate in usefull big projects, like Kicad. I'm also
an electronics student and I want to create some fun PCB over my Linux
Laptop but Cadence PSD isn't free and doesn't work. 
>> So, I'll try
you to create this really big project, wich is already powerfull. I
don't know if you need that but I think the website can be reorganised,
without using a lot of external tools as launchpad, libs, chat…
CodingTeam is a good soft wich include wiki, source repository, xmpp
server, bug tracking tool, localisation tool, forum… 
>> Thanks for
all, and sorry for my bad english. 
>> Léo 
>> -- 
>> opensourceway@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> opensourceway.fr.nf
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[4] http://www.kicad-pcb.org

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