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Re: Python scripting cmake build macros.


> In a half hour last night, I was able to cross compile python for windows, on linux,
using mingw32.
> Just get source to tag v2.7.1 python using hg, then apply David's cmake patch. Build a
simple CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE for your linux mingw toolset, and it built just fine.

I spent some time on the python developer's mailing list last night, measuring their pain,
following their struggles, while I was waiting for a Ubuntu LTS distro (lucid->precise)
upgrade to complete.

In my view they are having a miserable time with a number of items.

*) distutils is not convenient for cross compiling.  It seems a portion of it needs to get
built before you can build
  python modules even in a non-cross environment.


*) autoconf versions and version dependent artifacts creating repo churn.


*) binary final product installers.

CMake should be like manna from heaven for them.  We should feel like a chain saw salesman
right after a hurricane, grinning ear to ear.

SoftPLC uses CMake for building runtime extensions to our control engine software.  From
one source directory, you can generate ARMV4T, x86, or ARMV7 binaries using a
multi-processor toolchain tree.

But the magic is CMake and its support for CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE.  Could almost say it is easy.