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Re: The KiCad GAL new release


On 07/16/2013 12:03 PM, Camille Delbegue wrote:
This seems strange to me too. This problem apears only with demo boards
and not with my projects (6 boards).
I try to zoom more but nothing change, netnames show on tracks but not
on pads. Is there someone who experiment the same issue ?

I have changed a bit organization of layers - maybe it will solve the problem, as I could not reproduce the bug to test if it is already gone.

        The second issue is about high contrast mode. The netnames are draw
        under the highlighted layer (see screenshot of

    I have just observed that too, I will fix it soon.

The fixed version should be already in the repository.

I remark some difference between Cairo backend and OpenGL backend. With
OpenGL backend, netnames are covered by the other tracks or copper zone,
whereas with Cairo, netnames are mixed up with over item. I attached
pictures of the different backends results.

Thanks for clarifying that, it was hard for me spot the difference. It should be also fixed too. By the way - I have also noticed that there were some layers missing in the high contrast mode (eg. pads & vias). Now it looks like I really desired.

Kind regards,

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