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Re: MinGW mingwrt and win32api version 4


On 8/31/2013 1:52 PM, Brian Sidebotham wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> Can you let me know what version of KiCad-Winbuilder you're using?

I don't use the KiCad-Winbuilder.  I maintain my own MinGW environment
on Windows because I use it for development other than KiCad.  This
allows me to verify Windows build without cross compiling on Linux.  Up
until last week, I've never had any issues building wxWidgets on MinGW
going all the way back to version 2.6.

> Let me know how you're running it. I'm constantly using it and haven't
> tripped over the problems you're having.
> However, I'm obviously running the "latest and greatest" script from BZR
> which includes the scripting support. This no longer builds wxWidgets
> from scratch, instead it downloads pre-built binaries from the
> wxPython-cmake project.

This is why your not seeing the problem.  Do you know what version of
the mingw32-win32api is being used to build wxWidgets?  My guess is it's
still one of the 3 versions which works fine.  As soon as someone
attempts to build wxWidgets with version 4 of mingw32-win32api, they
will see the problem.  This should happen in both cross and native
builds.  My guess is I was just unlucky enough to be the first person to
attempt this.  The Linux versions of MinGW always lag the Windows
version which in this case is a good thing.

> The binary release - V2.1 should be working fine however.
> Best Regards, Brian.