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Re: boost_root driven by https


On 08/23/2013 07:29 PM, Brian Sidebotham wrote:
> Hey Dick,
> Thanks for all your kind words! It always helps everyone to have encouragement and
> appreciation. Thank-you for the Python-a-mingw-us work, it's really essential for us on
> Windows; I'm sure it will build in favour as word gets around about it. Soon I will be
> able to pimp wxPython-cmake a bit more to the wxWidgets guys when a gtk build is
> available. There are several builds available for it already. wxPython-cmake can also be
> built with MSVC (MicroSoft Visual C) now too - so it can be used with the official python
> distribution. I need to upload the release for MSVC though as I only have MSVC 11 and the
> release should be built with MSVC 9 to link against MSVCR90.dll, the same as the official
> Python distribution.
> I'm currently out of the UK, I'm on Phoenix, AZ. But I'll be back next week. 
> I'd also like to do a debug build of Python-a-mingw-us which works with the debug version
> of wxPython-cmake which in turn can be used with Windows scripting debug builds. At the
> moment this is broken because the python headers modify/exclude and add various things
> when DEBUG is defined or not. So a complete debug build would be the most sane way forward
> too.
> Also I noticed that the scripting console is no longer displayed in PCBNEW, it appears to
> always be hidden on Windows - so it's another thing that needs sorting out.

FYI, I have never seen the scripting console, ever.  On linux, no where.  Even when making
the full scripting build.  I just have not said anything about it.

So do not panic about Windows.  There are way too many assumptions being made relative to
the scripting support startup code.  It is not robust in any way, especially the error

A C++ wrapper is needed, so all the moving parts can be encapsulated.

In any case we may have the same problem, and perhaps I can help you fix a bug you see on
Windows by running my Linux version.


I just upgraded to openssl 1.0.1e, and am now building the DLL fine in a-mingw-us,
although I think this 'e' version had nothing to do with this.  Seems the Configure script
is picky about sequence of arguments.

We now need to package the openssl DLL goodies so they can flow into a situation where
windows builders of GITHUB_PLUGIN can use those.

I will leave that to you.



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