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Re: boost_root driven by https


> I just upgraded to openssl 1.0.1e, and am now building the DLL fine in a-mingw-us,
> although I think this 'e' version had nothing to do with this.  Seems the Configure script
> is picky about sequence of arguments.
> We now need to package the openssl DLL goodies so they can flow into a situation where
> windows builders of GITHUB_PLUGIN can use those.

Come to think of it, I don't know how I am going to find the openssl headers on Windows
for the GITHUB plugin.  Certainly we cannot expect them to flow with a KiCad installation.

Maybe we will simply need to reproduce the ExternalProject_Add() in the GITHUB plugin
CMakeFile, conditioned on Windows.   Gosh yes, what was I thinking?

How you guys stay on Windows is beyond me.   The package management concept has long been
an established concept.  But "add/remove programs" is a joke by comparison.

Then, you have competing C++ compilers so the story would have be told in duplicate
anyways.  I don't expect MSVC to be around much longer, given that it does not generate
revenue (not like the Android patent blackmailing is).    And Android is showing up
everywhere now, including wrist watches.  I give MSVC about another 6 years max.

How good can that be for your character, knowing that most of your revenue is coming from
patent blackmail?  Maybe Mr. B is retiring because of that.  (Note I am assuming he has
that much quality of character.)

You hear that New Zealand just outlawed software patents?  Call your representatives
please.  It will take a lot of voices to drown out the voice from Microsoft, which as I
mentioned, now gets a lot of patent revenue from Android OEMs, who are not strong enough
to fight back.

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