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Now that the repo is back in good shape following my lapse in judgement
(Thanks Dick!) I am happy to announce that the CERN OpenGL/Cairo
rendering, push and shove router, and the new tool framework code has
been committed to the testing branch for widespread testing and
development.  Please note that building kicad has changed slightly on
some platforms.  Here are the revised build instructions:

- Linux: it builds exactly the same as always
- Windows: cross compilation (http://www.ohwr.org/documents/251) and
native build using mingw (http://www.ohwr.org/documents/300)
- Mac OS: http://www.ohwr.org/documents/293

Please note that most of the Pcbnew editing tools have not been ported
to the new framework.  Therefore, most of the editing has to be
performed in the default rendering mode.  It will take some time for
this to happen so please be patient as this work continues.

I want to personally thank the folks at CERN who made all of this possible.



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