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footprint library help needed


With the advent of the fp_lib_table support, we encounter some ill effects of long
footprint library names.  Please see row 61 in attached *.png file.

What I suggest be done:

a) *Nicknames*: revise the template/fp-lib-table file wrt nicknames:
  i) no longer than 25 characters
  ii) adopt a consistent choice of capitalization

b) shorten the name of *Library Path* entries, this means renaming most footprint
libraries in the bzr repo to remove any reference to date or revision and to remove any
inclusion of part names.

c) add the previously existing references to part names which were in the library names,
into the "Description" column of the fp-lib-table if the author so desires.

I think these changes would be helpful to the project, and I am wondering if there is
agreement and a volunteer.  I would give the volunteer commit access to library repo as

The fp-lib-table edits can be offered up as a patch.

Thanks in advance to any would be volunteer.

Please see the attached as to why these changes are suggested, and then consider that in
eeschema, we also show the nickname:footprint in the Footprint property of parts and
components, so name length is a nuisance there also.

Evolution means change.


Attachment: fp_lib_table.png
Description: PNG image

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