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Release note


There is a new release [lp:~cern-kicad/kicad/selection_tool] available
for testing with some improvements to the tools:
- undo/redo for all operations you can do in the GAL canvas
- highlighted ratsnest for currently modified items (also for the PNS
- for those who have strong habits - you can edit items in the same way
as with the default canvas (hover over an item and select an operation),
for people willing to try another approach - you may select items and
then modify them (using hotkeys or right-click context menu)
I would like to thank Carl Poirier for speeding up the ratsnest
algorithm for multicore CPUs - good job!
Also, for those who have not checked the selection_tool branch before,
there are some other changes to experience:

As usual - I would be very grateful for some testing, before I propose
the branch for merging. This time it is particularly important to me, as
there are some changes to KiCad's core. This means that I really need to
be sure that there is nothing broken.

Now you should be able to carry out most editing steps in a more
comfortable way than before. The next step is drawing tools. Please let
me know what else you miss in the GAL canvas.


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