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Re: Release note


On 2/7/2014 5:29 AM, Maciej Sumiński wrote:
> There is a new release [lp:~cern-kicad/kicad/selection_tool] available
> for testing with some improvements to the tools:
> - undo/redo for all operations you can do in the GAL canvas
> - highlighted ratsnest for currently modified items (also for the PNS
> router)
> - for those who have strong habits - you can edit items in the same way
> as with the default canvas (hover over an item and select an operation),
> for people willing to try another approach - you may select items and
> then modify them (using hotkeys or right-click context menu)
> I would like to thank Carl Poirier for speeding up the ratsnest
> algorithm for multicore CPUs - good job!
> Also, for those who have not checked the selection_tool branch before,
> there are some other changes to experience:
> https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg11907.html
> As usual - I would be very grateful for some testing, before I propose
> the branch for merging. This time it is particularly important to me, as
> there are some changes to KiCad's core. This means that I really need to
> be sure that there is nothing broken.
> Now you should be able to carry out most editing steps in a more
> comfortable way than before. The next step is drawing tools. Please let
> me know what else you miss in the GAL canvas.
> Regards,
> Orson


I've already tested it and I cannot find any issues with it.  I do have
one minor (hopefully) request.  Right clicking an object does not bring
up the context menu like the legacy canvas.  You first have to select
the object and then right click to get the context menu.  Making this
change should give you 100% coverage of object editing even if all of
the hot keys are not yet implemented.  I will also mimic the legacy
canvas behavior which users are familiar with.



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