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Re: Grid in GAL canvas


On 15.01.2016 00:50, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 1/14/2016 3:06 PM, Bernhard Stegmaier wrote:
>> Question for me is what happens to eeschema?
>> For pcbnew it is maybe just adding some missing things and polishing some other, but eeschema currently has nothing in that direction.
>> Anybody already working on that?
> Implementing GAL and the new tool framework in Eeschema is coming as
> part of the current dev cycle.  It wont start until after I finish up
> with the Eeschema refactor.  Trust me when I tell you, to do so would
> not be a good idea.
>> Regards,
>> Bernhard
>>> On 14.01.2016, at 20:54, Chris Pavlina <pavlina.chris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Are we even still going to have legacy pcbnew at the next release? 
>>> What's the schedule for fully deprecating it?
> It will not be deprecated until we have one for one feature parity
> between the canvases and we can get by without it on all supported
> platforms.  AFAIK, Tom is working on a wxDC gal implementation which
> should eliminate the second part.  If this happens before the next
> release, then there is no reason to continue to support the legacy canvas.

So, the wxdc GAL is progressing, although I'm a bit stuck now with layer
ordering (in OpenGL you have Z-buffer for free, in wxDC it's a bit more
tricky to draw stuff in order and avoid sorting).

The new version will also support 'flipped' PCB mode (editing a PCB
laying upside down - quite useful for placing the component on the
bottom side of the board). I'm also simplifying the VIEW_ITEM interface
and the making the updates of the view less invasive.


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