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Re: Proposal to change "Copy" to "Duplicate"


One of my earliest impressions of KiCad as a new user was confusion over UI inconsistency: terminology, menu layouts, and shortcuts in particular. For common actions there should be a common trigger (key, click) with a common indication (icon, tooltip words etc). As an example I noticed again yesterday in pcbnew, mostly you 'delete' an element, except when you 'remove' it!

Personally, I find Command-D very handy as a duplicate action; I would be happy to see that used whenever it made sense. However, the best option would be to build in a keymap editor (surely there are components for this!) so we don't need a one-size-fits-all solution.

While on the topic, it would be really good to include more actions on the main menu: there are many things hidden in context menus that don't need to be.


On 2017-06-16 14:54, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Please do not use 'D'.  Use Ctrl+D for duplicate.  You should check the
Eeschema and Pcbnew hot key lists to make sure Ctrl+D is not already in use.

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