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Re: Need testers for a patch to merge hotkeys and accelerators


Le 06/10/2017 à 08:28, Marco Ciampa a écrit :
> On Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 08:07:58PM +0200, jp charras wrote:
> [...]
>> For instance for Eeschema:
>> Ctrl+W does nothing (as expected) and 'W' is the hotkey and starts a wire (if the wire tool is not
>> active it is activated)
>> How the accelerator keys are displayed in menus?
>> With the patch and for this example the menu should be:
>> Wire    W
> I really LOVE this... 

Me too!

But it does not work well on OSX.

> the thing is that is not always possible to keep the same accelerator key
> used in english in some other language because the translated string not
> always contains the char used for the acc key. Some non ascii languages,
> Japanese for example, not having _any_ correspondence with english have
> to keep the acc keys in ellipses - horrible but the only sensible choice.
> Aaaand all this also means that:
> 1) if the acceleration key is changed in the nationalized version and it
> is mentioned in the docs, translators have to check for possible changes
> in the nationalized version
> 2) program translators have to check for possible accelerator keys conflicts
> IMHO: I would keep only the hot keys and throw away all the accelerator
> keys at once... accelerator keys are a pain in the neck and work
> effectively (= are truly useful) only in the english version...
> --
> Marco Ciampa

Accelerator keys are not ellipses, and are not related to a letter or a word in a menu.
No need to have a word containing the accelerator.
Moreover accelerator keys are editable by users in Kicad.
Most of time the accelerator is not even a printable key (Fx, Alt X, Ctrl+Shift+S ... ).

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS