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Re: [FEATURE] Array 3D models


if you create by script or code or manually an array of single STEP models, the resulting array could be not fine in geometric terms also if the single model is good... Please have some deep insight to FreeCAD forum or even OCC forum to see how mechanical boolean operation can be insidious ...

So yes, you need to validate all your models if you want to build a single part or you will need to build an array of models instead of a single STEP models... Both solutions are not suitable in my opinion and experience in mechanical cad.


On 11/6/2017 11:54 PM, Oliver Walters wrote:
This patch does *not* generate any models on the fly. It provides the ability for users to re-use existing model data (which they are NOT forced to use by any means). In the example of pin headers or terminal blocks, where each unit is identical, there is no need to re-validate each model. It is simply another means of achieving a goal.