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About Bug 1731539:( Append in PcbNew crashes): Usability issues in append commands.


During my work to fix this crash, I encountered a few usability issues both when appending a board,
and appending from the clipboard (not surprising because these features share the same code).

- When appending (file or clipboard), most of time I had to click twice or 3 times on the left
button to place the just imported items.

- When exporting a selected block to the clipboard using Ctrl+C or from the context menu, the
command is not executed: you have to left click with the mouse one time to execute the command, and
a second time to deselect items if you want to import from clipboard.
if the esc key is used to deselect items just after after using Ctrl+C or the context menu to copy
in the clipboard, the just finished command is canceled (showing it is actually not executed, just
waiting for some other validation).

I am not so familiar with the event handlers in GAL mode, so I have some trouble to fix these
usability issues, an I am asking to GAL event handlers Gurus to have a look into this issue.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS