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Re: Assertion in dialog_symbol_remap in latest master


On 2017-11-14 06:32 PM, Jon Evans wrote:
The sym-lib-table file is empty (I didn't create/copy this, I guess kicad created it):

$ cat ~/.config/kicad/sym-lib-table

I don't have KICAD_SYMBOL_DIR set in my environment:

$ env | grep KI

There is the global sym-lib-table and the one under ~/.config. On my Linux machine I install kicad to /opt and the sym-lib-table can be found in /opt/kicad/share/kicad/template/.

The environment variables referenced aren't in your system shell. They are the ones defined in Preferences -> Configure Paths. You find that in the menus of the box you get after you first start KiCad.



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